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Los Texas Wranglers

Do you want a band that can play great music and maintain the audience’s attention and participation?

Do you want to impress your audience?

Most of the bands you want are too expensive and demand too many perks, right?

To have a successful event you need great music. Los Texas Wranglers is one of America’s most diversified groups. America has changed in the audience appearance. Now more than ever the majority of festivals and special events want to bring in the Latino audience without hurting their regular yearly supporters. You need the Hispanic population to come and spend money at your event.  But, you don’t want to go too ethnic and scare your regular crowd away.

Los Texas Wranglers is the best bet for your business and or event(s.)

Los Texas Wranglers music selections are catered to the needs of each individual event. Bi-lingual, multi-genre recording artists Los Texas Wranglers are a breed apart. Winning in 2 categories Latin and Country is proof that Los Texas Wranglers have what it takes to please your crowds.

There is only one Tex-Mex-Country-Conjunto-Oldies Band in America.

“Los Texas Wrangler”

Los Texas Wranglers are very reasonable with their rates.

Now, you should really sit back and think, give yourself a good reason why you wouldn’t have Los Texas Wranglers for your next event.